Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rich ask Math

This week for rich task maths we were working on a problem which we could use a range of strategies to solve. Some of us used repeated addition while others used their skip counting. One child was also able to use part whole thinking.

The problem the children had to work out was:

Alex went to the zoo and he could see 16 legs. What animals did he see? How many different combinations can you find?

If the children completed this fast they were given new numbers to investigate.

Magic Milk

Today during science we made magic milk. By using food colouring and dish washing liquid we were able to make the milk dance!

The dish washing liquid does not mix with the milk. It floats on top and spreads over the surface. As it spreads, it grabs the food colouring. Soap is a "degreaser" so the molecules in it are attacking the fat in the milk, causing motion which creates the swirling of the colours.

Playing Tiddlywinks

Today we played Tiddlywinks to practice our skip counting. Some of us were using 5 and 10s and others were using 3s and 4s. We sure did get competitive!

Tiddlywinks is a game in which small plastic counters are flicked into a central receptacle by being pressed on the edge with a larger counter.

The children really enjoyed this game. You could try it at home with them!