Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 1 Term 2!

Welcome back to Term 2! it was lovely to see everyones well rested faces on Monday. We have a busy term planned and Im looking forward to working with you all to achieve great things.

To start the term we have been recapping what it means to be a good learner and what we can do to help ourselves to be better learners.  Today we discussed what it meant to be in a team and what we could do to be a good team remember. Following this the children were given a bag of equipment. (20 ice block sticks, 12 rubber bands, a cocktail umbrella and a ball of blue tack) The task was to construct the highest tower in a team of 4.  Teams had the chance to gain extra points for their team work. I have completed this task before with a class and it is always amazing to witness unexpected leaders arise from the groups. The highest tower constructed today was 24 cm with the smallest being 9cm. We might revisit this at the end of the term using different equipment.

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