Monday, May 15, 2017

Mrs Harrision's Bottles!!

Mrs Harrison’s (Christine’s) Bottles
This stall is being resurrected from the dark ages to be part of the Rogaine and Mini Gala on Sunday 28th May.
This is how it works.
Bottle or jars of new produce are donated. We are looking for maybe jars of small toys, bottles of shampoo, healthy drinks , jars of chutney , hand cream etc.…The healthy possibilities are endless.
After collection all bottles are numbered. On the day the punters buy a numbered ticket. They cannot see the numbers on the bottles. When all tickets are sold the bottles may be collected. Everyone gets to take away something for their money.
Please support our Mini Gala by donating a bottle or jar of new produce. If you buy a ticket you may even get your bottle back!!!!
Tickets will be $2.00.
All donated bottles can be left at your child’s classroom for collection.
Thank you for supporting the last hurrah for Mrs Harrison'

s Bottles
Let’s see if we can get over a hundred bottles.

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